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Cover photo of Great Racetracks of The World

Great Racetracks of The World
By Trevor Marmalade and Jim A. McGrath

A comprehensive book on the great racetracks of the world. How they became great, the horses that have won, the races that are famous. Details more than 200 key racetracks around the world, including and featuring every Group One track. Information includes races, location, track conditions, race history, famous incidents and winners. An unbelievably thorough listing that will fascinate any fan of racing.

Available at ABC Shops, Bookworld, Dymocks and other good book retailers.

The Footy Show Joke Book 2
By Trevor Marmalade

Trevor Marmalade, The Footy Show’s much-loved and infamous comedian, is back with another collection of his best jokes and funniest moments from the past five years. No one is spared – players, umpires, coaches and managers all cop a ribbing – as Trevor places Australia’s greatest code under the microscope.

A Collingwood supporter, a moron and a dole bludger walk into a bar. And that was just the first bloke. In coaching news, Richmond has given Terry Wallace five years. The last four to be served concurrently. Not many people at the Geelong v Melbourne match. In fact, after the game the players invaded the crowd.

Not just a book of classic one liners, but a comic history of the modern game.

Online Price $24.95

Trevor Marmalade’s Footy Show Joke Anthology
By Trevor MarmaladeTrevor Marmalade, the laid back barman and lynchpin of the hugely successful Channel 9 TV program The Footy Show has collected a book of the best and funniest moments over six years in the front line of comedy.Online Price $19.95